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December 9th, 2016

Posed photography is becoming betamax of the picture taking world. Did that reference go over your head? You're too young little one. From my weddings to engagements I am being asked less and less to pose people. Most feel "awkward" or don't enjoy looking at the camera. Strict portraiture will never go away but the days of important posed events are gone. I'm looking at you ridiculous Charlie's Angels posing. I understand the draw. The proof is in the pudding. I see how animated children get when they aren't being forced to smile in front of a camera. I see the tension slowly disappear from adults who feel forced to become rigid and look at me. It all makes sense. The camera is a scary thing. Well my cameras are. I'm not talking about your iphone. So when I was asked by Sarah (from Boston) to do something a little different with her family reunion in Cary, North Carolina, I said, "totally!"

     I'm hardly the first to do this. In fact, I've seen this for a couple years now but I'm wondering if it's catching on? Take 4 hours out of your day and just hang out with a family, with your camera of course. Your task is being a voyeur, one that knows what to look for in human interactions. I think photographers who shoot people, by nature, are voyeurs, but that's a post for another day and possibly my other website, www.michaeljbambuch.com Go visit if you haven't been there yet. Remember it's NSFW. Any who. I love people. I love their nuances and how they interact with each other. In the 4 hours I spent with her family I was able to see dynamics, personalities all come out that I'd probably never understand if I was to show up and just take a posed portrait. We actually did take formal portraits in the beginning. People don't want betamax to go away totally :). 

     Was this reality though? I mentioned to Sarah to come up with some "activities" for the family to do while I was there, i.e board games, outdoor stuff, reading. Would they have done this if I didn't show up? I don't know. I felt their interactions were genuine. I didn't feel like I was influencing anyone. Maybe this is the reality tv version of photography? Who knows? Enjoy these 4 hours in Cary, North Carolina. 

Note: Not one the best photos in a technical sense because of some extreme lighting differences and my poor 580ii not popping correctly but I love the dynamic of everything going on here. It's three different worlds at once.

If you are determined to do something like this yourself the 70-200 f2.8 IS is your weapon of choice. It may be huge but it doesn't matter when your 15 feet away. I tried multiple times to use a 50mm and I was just too close to everyone. The farther, the better. If something touched you or you enjoyed this "look" of a session, do not hesitate to book with me. Prices start at $250.00 for 3 hours, a web gallery and 5 prints.

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